Which Programming Language is the Most Secured For Your Business?

Which Programming Language is the Most Secured For Your Business?

Most of the security problems that come from certain languages are the fault of the programmer and not the actual language itself. There are many ways that you can run test that will determine if the code that you just created is secured or not. That being said, if you are an average programmer, then there are some languages that are safer than others. If you have a software company that is creating a new product, which language should you use to create it? This is the question that we seek to answer in this article. There is no definitive answer but based on several factors there can be one answer that is better than the others for your company.

When you create a program for public consumption, safety is one of the big things that come to your mind. But it is not the only thing. You also worry about how fast the programs can be created with the language being used. Also you may worry about if the executable that the language creates is fast enough to satisfy the user. Some languages are faster than others and this can play a huge decision on which language you use.

If your company decides to use a software language like C or C++, then you should be worried about memory leaks. Programs written in a language such as this can be a problem. The language does not have automatic garbage collection and will cause memory leaks and possible buffer overflow problems. If you are going to develop in a language such as this, then your developers must really know what they are doing. If they do not, then they can leave your consumers system vulnerable to all types of attacks. The good thing about these types of software languages is that they are extremely fast.

If you decide to use a managed language such as C# or Java, then you will not have the memory collection problems that the others have but your speed will be reduced a little compared to the C++ and C programs of the same nature. But the extra security provided by the Garbage Collection may be worth it. There are security holes in these languages as well, especially in the VM that the programs run in, but the holes are less than in the alternative.

There are other programming languages that are out there for you to use. Most of the languages are Dynamic and can be quite slower than the ones that we have already listed. These programs are Python, Ruby, and a whole host of others. If you want to combine speed and safety together, we suggest that you go with the type safe languages that use a VM, C# or Java. The others are too slow or not secure enough except if you are an expert in the language.

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