Evolution of Internet Culture

Evolution of Internet Culture

A young boy can make a video of himself doing something silly like singing badly to Britney Spears. A video like this can become part of internet culture if the masses of the internet decide to deem it worthy to promote and create parodies or remixes. If enough people see and promote the video, it becomes infectious and “viral” and it becomes popular enough and it becomes a part of internet culture, something people can share.

Cyberculture is what internet culture is about. It’s created from the labyrinth of billions and billions of interactions with users who create something that becomes worthy enough to be promoted on it’s own accord; such as an inside joke. Cyberculture is one culture. All of the internet share one culture and cyberculture is he manifestation of those shared phenomenon irrespective of people’s backgrounds and ethinicities.

Facets of internet culture are generated in the form of internet phenomenon or “memes.” They can start in the form of forum pages, pictures, texts and videos. These pieces of “memes” may be funny or relevant or ridiculous in different ways. Before video sites were created, these kinds of memes were formed in internet webforums, where one user will create something worthy of being promoted and other forum users will begin promoting these memes hoping it will catch on and be a hit with the internet general culture.

As years go on, sites dedicate to the formation of such cultural phenomenon such as social sites like Reddit, 4chan and Facebook made memes much easier to promote and generate memes. There are websites that allow of easier uploading videos and images such as Memegenerator and YouTube allow for people to create a new meme in seconds. This explosion of internet culture is where we are now.

In the future internet culture will possibly be utilized by companies in order to promote products. Some companies such as Old Spice have adopted the ridiculousness style of videos that go viral by creating content that is wildly ridiculous and silly in order to attract and obtain the loyal following the internet has to offer. Their advertisements show a man who seems alluring yet does and says often very ridiculous things. His surroundings settings change rapidly and he embraces them nonchalantly. In one video he is walking on sand and instantly he’s on a horse and then he’s magically in a house. All this is happening and he acts as though nothing is changing. Another company is Real California Milk. Real, they used a viral type of video to gain consumers to buy their Dairy products. Their video ads are zany and whimsical, often displacing contrasting and absurd dialog involving talking cows and conversations between fathers and their young daughters that are completely silly and unrealistic. This is the appeal of internet culture and the internet audience. Everyone wants to be entertained and these companies have done a good job doing this and also shamelessly plugging their products in the process.

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